Thanks so much for being here, folks! I had a great time writing this peculiar little book (I don't think I could have written any other kind, to be honest), and I hope you'll find it useful. Reference tracks and sample patterns below!
I. Playlist of Reference Tracks:
Below you'll find the YouTube playlist with all the tracks referenced in the book in order of mention, as well as the albums they appear on. I've also included links for purchase in the playlist  description (because it's the right thing to do), so as always please support artists if you're able. 
I. Sample Exercises 1-24:
These recordings correspond to the sample exercises in the book. For those of you who stumbled upon these by accident, these are just sample patterns while we get used to the system - there's nothing particularly special about them. Use headphones for better sound!
figure 01

figure 02

figure 03

figure 04

figure 05

figure 06

Figure 07

figure 08

figure 09

figure 10

Figure 11

figure 12

Figure 13

figure 14

figure 15

Figure 16

figure 17

figure 18


figure 20

figure 21

figure 22

figure 23

figure 24

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