Hey look, a brand new book!
Hide and Seek: An ears-first approach to interpreting rhythm and variation in Irish traditional melody [for the bodhrán] 
A book for intermediate and advanced players looking to break out of ruts, build skills, decipher challenging passages, and become more flexible and responsive accompanists in whatever style they choose - though beginners are very welcome to follow along as well.
Coming any day now! More info here.

Two of North America’s top performers in traditional percussive dance and the Irish bodhrán, Enblom and Colliton of The Bad Neighbors Rhythm Project turn the typical traditional music collaboration on its head, creating a subtle yet explosive show that has audiences grooving to traditional music and rhythm in a new way. The Bad Neighbors are also available for workshops and lessons.

Traditional Irish music from the East Coast of America, with Laura Feddersen (fiddle), Nathan Gourley (guitar), Natasha Sheehy (accordion), and Anna Colliton (bodhrán).

Loud Weather began as the inventive musical duo of Fiddle player, Alasdair White (Battlefield Band, Dàimh, Alan Kelly Gang) and Piper, Elias Alexander (Old Blind Dogs, The Bywater Band, Soulsha, MAC, Fàrsan), each known for their dazzlingly playful approach to the piping repertoire of the Scottish Highlands and Islands. 
Deep friendships formed during late nights of raucous tune playing have expanded the project to include Eamon Sefton on guitar, Neil Pearl man on accordion and piano, and Anna Colliton on bodhrán.
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